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2016-0114 Wednesday

2016-0113 Wednesday

by JACQUES NECHQUES • Recommended number of wine glasses before reading this piece:   4WG



this may make you think twice before Lotterying. The stories are everywhere, and I’ve found quite a good one, regarding how winning the lottery can ruin everything. The afore-linked article is replete with examples of people who actually wish they’d just torn up the ticket once they found out they’d won.

That’s pretty amazing, no?

So, we’re posting a link to that aforementioned story as a public service. Don’t buy a lottery ticket. It’ll just increase our odds of winning, if you don’t.

MoneyBagActually, that last sentence is not true at all. Did you know that? Your odds of winning the lottery have nothing to do with how many others buy tickets. It may, however, have a correlation to your odds of having to share the winnings with another winner. But dem balls drop down as they’re gonna drop down, without regard to how many guesses there are on the outcome.

So, good luck tonight. Or, will it be bad luck?



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