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A tale of two Portlands

Is it time for a name-change?

2016-0314 Monday

2016-0315 Tuesday

By JACQUES NECHQUES. Recommended number of wine glasses before reading this piece:   1WG

NOTE: Much of this story is also presented in today's Vexillology article.


maine’s largest city is, of course, Portland, with a metro population of about 500,000. Our Portland’s metro population is some 2.3 million.

This brings us to a “Current Event” story from this week. (Remember Current Events in grade school?): A couple o’ missiles were evidently discovered on a passenger jet in Serbia. (Yes, said missiles were determined to be "dummy" missiles, but this is an important story nonetheless.) It was originally reported that the missiles were destined for Portland, Oregon.

It later came out that they were going to Portland, Maine.

The Board of your RASH thinks this is heinous. We’re tired of the City of Roses constantly having to use its last name (Oregon), when so many cities of similar—and smaller—size and stature are on a first-name basis with the rest of the country (a few examples: Cleveland, Buffalo, Memphis, Charlotte, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, San Antonia, Sacramenta, Boring, etc. ALL of these cities are basically either the same size, or smaller than Portland [,Oregon], yet you know these cities, even when their last name (their state) isn't mentioned, right?).

Thence our new poll: The RASH would like to know: Do you think one of the Portlands should change its name? You know, to reduce confusion?

Please take the poll. Take it. Take it HERE. Feel free to chime in with comments on our Facebook page (after you LIKE it!). (BTW, we like positive comments—those what agree with our position—more than negative ones. Just so you know.)

Your feedback regarding our unhealthy compulsion regarding vexillology is solicited. Additionally, your poll-taking feedback is also appreciated. Thank you.






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