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2015-1216 Wednesday


the RASH has certain standards. They are few, but they are standards. These criteria don't regard some high-falutin' journalistic credo, nor anything to do with ethical reporting, etc. No, these standards have to do with the way in which The Review-Articulator Sentient-Herald is cited and styled. (Our journalistic code of ethics and creative reporting isn't something we're prepared to share with the general public, so we'll just leave it at that, shall we?)  

The Style of The Rash

The style of The RASH shall be, well, The RASH. When stated verbally, the name is simply "The Rash." Actually, there are some very strict guidlines. When referring to our humble publication/website, the following protocol shall be observed:

Whether in print (analog or digital) or in verbal/audio, the first reference shall be, "The RASH, of Gresham." Thereafter, we may be referred to as "The Rash." However, at some point in any story or article, the title The Review-Articulator Sentient-Herald shall be inserted–hopefully in a nonchalant manner. 

Visual Representation

The logos and masthead of The RASH shall be chosen from a top-secret cache of graphics. No one can use them except for The RASH officers.




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