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here's all you need to know about the rating system we use here at The RASH, of Gresham. This is a comprehensive, detailed (prolly too-much so, but it's our site and we can do what we want), exclusive description of how we rate things: Movies, restaurants, books, toilet paper, songs, poems (as if), TV shows, streets, theatre shows (if we ever get to see one), radio shows, documentaries, White Papers (?), vacation spots, coffee houses, schools, and what-have-you.

So, here's how we do it:

Basically, our system follows the oft-used practice of alloting a certain number of stars, depending on, you know, how much we like it. But, instead of the all-too-common star, The RASH uses "pips." Pips are the rank insignia used by characters in the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" TV series, et al.

We @ The RASH realize that the mainstream CWS is either already familiar with the aforementioned rankings, or said CWS has no interest in said rankings at all. So, we won't get in to all that. Suffice it to say, the more pips the better, (just as in traditional ratings, the more stars the better).

Here is a basic breakdown of our pip rankings:


                                Whaa? Pip0h
Ugh    Pip1
Hardly worth it    Pip1h
Okay, but barely    Pip2
 Worth a try; Okay     Pip2h
 Better than most     Pip3
                          Very good  Pip3h
Really very good; Super      Pip4
 Exceptionally Super     Pip4h
Epic      Pip5
 Superlatively Epical     Pip5Gold
 Admiral of the High Seas     Pip5GoldRed


If you have an opinion, comment or perspective you'd like to deliver to The RASH, regarding the above rating system, please do so. 




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