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2015-1212 Saturday

this site is the creation of Jacques Nechques, of Gresham. All content is © 2015 and later, except for stuff that isn’t (public domain stuff, open-source stuff and the like). This is a personal website. Jacques deals in Gresham news, Gresham gossip (the best stuff!), blog-type stories, photos of Gresham and the surrounding areas. Just as importantly, he deals in news, gossip, stories and photos of the whole world. The RASH is made in Gresham. We're about Gresham, and everything (although we tend to shy away from religion and politics, unless we wanna promote our own agenda).

The views and opinions expressed here are those of Jacques Nechques, unless they're not (i.e., if they're made by a guest author/blogger). The views and opinions not expressed by either Jacques or his talented guest bloggers are probably someone else’s. The RASH makes no claim of unbiased objectivity. We kinda try to be fair, but Jacques is a person, and thus cannot be expected to completely detach himself from the things about which he ruminates.

This site, therefore, is not all-inclusive. We don’t talk about everything. [For example, we don’t report on Nutria sightings. Not gonna do it.] If your viewpoint is not expressed here, feel free to email us. (That doesn’t mean we’ll post your viewpoint; it just means we’ll read your email.) If, after contacting us, you are not satisfied that your perspective has been adequately addressed, please feel free to visit another website.

Thence, we present our RASH POLICIES. We reserve the right to amend, revise, add-to, delete, and pretty-much do anything with these policies, as The Board (see Paragraph IV., below) sees fit:


I.  Our Privacy Policy

If you send it in, we can use it. If someone else sends it in on your behalf, we can use it. Sometimes we’ll use it even if no one sends it in. In that case, we often make things up. If you give us information (via email, phone, fax, teletype, mimeograph, SMS, those old-school thermal printers, actual face-to-face encounters, USPS or any other courier [private or public], any social media outlet, the Web, and any other means of transmitting information), of any kind (including, but not limited to: documents, web-links, photos, oil-on-canvas, videos, pizza, original poetry or prose, an opinion, “facts,” archives, papyrus, gossip, emojis, and everything else), you implicitly agree that said information may (or might not) be published, shared and posted on The RASH's site. And once it’s out on the Interwebs, it’s out there baby.


II.  Our Policy on Content

The RASH is about Gresham (did you not read the first paragraph?). We're made in Gresham. Yet we realize there's so much more to life than our fair city. Thence, we write (and post cool photos) of other places too. Nearby places are good. (Yeah, we love our big brother to the west. Portland has to be the second-coolest city in Oregon, if not the world.) We encourage Greshamites to send in stuff for publication here. Really good photos are good to send in. Reviews of fooderies, drinkeries, playeries, et al, are also good, provided said reviews are independent, your genuine impressions, and that you're not the cousin of the owner (etc.). Send Jacques Nechques (the aforementioned manager of this site) your pix, blog posts, etc. We need community input! That said, if Jacques doesn't like it, he doesn't have to post it. 


III. Our Advertising Policy

We won’t mince words here: The RASH is a capitalistic venture. The Board of The RASH believes that Capitalism (with limitations and regulations where necessary) is the best economic system this side of Beijing. Therefore, we want advertisers to spend money here. The RASH Board has sole discretion over what we choose to advertise, and what we choose to not. As a general policy, we'll take money from almost anyone.


IV. Our Board

The RASH Board consists of Jacques Nechques. Jacques Nechques is a pseudonym. (At least, that's what his mom always called him, growing up: "You damn pseudonym! Get out there and mow the damn lawn!") The man behind the name doesn’t want to be pestered, so leave him alone (except for your friendly, supportive emails. We like that. News-leads too.). Send Jacques (not his non-pseudonymic self) your flattering emails. Jacques Nechques is a life-long Gresham-area resident (most of that long life has been spent inside Gresham proper; Indeed Mr. Nechques has lived inside the city limits of Gresham for most all of his decades. Never has Jacques ever lived outside of Multnomah County.).


V.  Our Policy Regarding Mistakes or Errors

We don’t make ‘em. That's our policy. Yet, it’s possible that this policy might be a tad lacking, as far as the reality factor goes. So in case of an error (speling, grammar, factual, mathematics, opinionary, viral, bacterial, and any other kind) we promise due diligence to make sure said error is fixed. If we can. The RASH makes no claim as to the viability of the information contained herein, and/or hereout. "Grammar Nazis" (and only Grammar) are welcome to send us corrections. Jacques realizes that a preposition is something one should never end a sentence with. That said, occasionally he slips up; feel free to correct him. He is not one to get ruffled-feathers over such things. That’s our policy, and we’re stickin’ to it—for now.


VI.  Usage of Personal Pronouns

The RASH Board loves to refer to itself in the third person, as does our esteemed Founder and Publisher, Jacques Nechques (they are, after all, one and the same). When using pronouns to refer to others, especially when referring to an hypothetical (or not) person of unknown gender, it is the policy of The RASH to use the male “he/his/him,” as a general rule. Yes, that’s sexist. Deal wifit. In the past, we’ve tried to use female pronouns, but it was simply too distracting. Most people (especially the male ones) accept the usage of male pronouns when referring to an Unidentified Female Organism (UFO). Until a gender-neutral pronoun is invented for English, and adopted by the masses, we’re gonna stick with the old school. If the Curious Web Reader doesn’t like it, he is invited to visit another website. (As is she.)


VII.  Use of the Oxford (Serial) Comma

We love the Oxford comma. We use it. We promote it. Those who eschew it are ignernt. In fact, The Board believes that the Oxford Comma is one of the most essential usages of punctuation currently available to man (See Paragraph VI., above, if the noun "man" offends you). The Board is officially perplexed as to why one might ever be opposed to the usage of said punctuation, when prescribed. I mean, really. This (click on it!) example says it all.  


VIII.  Our Legal Policy

Jacques Nechques has two sons; both of them are lawyers. If you sue, you will prolly regret it. We have lots of resources.


IX.  Our Policy Regarding Offending our Readers/Visitors

No content on this site shall be interpreted or construed to be offensive to (or by) anyone, especially the Curious Web Surfers who visit The RASH. If you’re offended here, you’re violating our policy, and you should perhaps be punished. The viewpoints and perspectives expressed by, on, and in The RASH are ours. If they’re not yours, you are encouraged to consider that you might possibly be wrong. Jus' sayin'. If the Curious Web Surfer doesn’t like what he sees here, and just can’t tolerate Jacques Nechques’ exercise of his First Amendment Rights, said CWS is invited to visit another website.


Our All-Encompassing, Non-Enumerated Policy Statement

The RASH Board reserves the right to change any policy, any rule and any thing, whenever it suits us—especially if someone tries to use our policies against us. We’ll definitely change things then.


For a brief, yet informative, treatise on the history of your RASH, please click here.


This site is made with Apple computers,
in beautiful Gresham, Oregon.




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